Monday, July 26, 2010

T3Wk5 Ergonomics and Anthropometry (The Elderly Challenge)

After what have been discussed in class about Ergonomics and Anthropometry,
look at the Elderly Challenge Project that you are working on.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Who are you designing for? Give a brief description of the target group.
2) What is the product that you are designing?
3) What are the design considerations when designing products for the elderly?

Use the Step 1 -4 guide for Anthropometry to help you in your design.

Step 1: Decide who you are designing for
Step 2: Decide which body measurements are relevant
Step 3: Decide whether you are designing for the extreme or the average
Step 4: Think about other human factors.

How to submit:
i) Rename the file: Index number_Name_Erg&Anthropometry (Initially filename should be Index number_Name_Guiding questions)
ii) Submit the file to the submit folder by 28th July 2010

Anthropometry - Example (Workstation Design)




Friday, July 23, 2010

T3WK4 - Ergonomics (Product Description and Idea Trigger)

1) Take a picture of the product.

2) Post the picture and answer the questions as follows.

i) Describe the product. (Appearance, Color, Function, etc)

ii) What are the design considerations when designing this product?

iii) Would an elderly faced difficulty using this product? If yes, what are the difficulties that the elderly would face?

iv) What do you think can be done to improve on the design of the product to suit the elderly? (Sketch the improved design in your sketchbook and take a picture of it. Post the improved sketch at the end of your post.)

3) Once you have completed, comment on other student's post.

How to submit:
1) Name your title: Ergonomics (Product description and Idea Trigger)
2) Copy and paste your link in the comment below.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deadlines (T3Wk4)

1) Challenge Based Learning (CBL) on the Elderly challenge.
Refer to previous post on what to submit.

Extended deadline: 22nd July 2010.

2) Ergonomics II
To improve on the exiting post. You need to include pictures of the product. Preferably, showing the product being used.

3) Google sketchup
Deadline: Monday, 26th July 2010. (For students who are not competing to win the prize.)

Practise (Google Sketch up)

Sketch the following in proportion using google sketchup within the shortest time.

How to submit:
1) Name the file: index no_Name_Sketch01, index no_Name_Sketch02, etc.
2) Submit into the submit folder.

HURRY! Prizes to be awarded on Wednesday! Only 3 prizes to be awarded.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reminder: Weekly Submission of ADMT - The Elderly Challenge

Based on what have been discussed today during lesson, please add in additional guiding questions and answer them if possible. Make sure that you have done product research as well.

How to submit:
1) Rename your file: Index no_Guiding Questions_Name

2) What should be in the document?
i) The Big Idea
ii) The Essential Question
iii) Mindmap 1 - Brainstorm on the problem faced
iv) The Challenge
v) Mindmap 2 - 5W1H
vi) Guiding Questions
vii) Product research of existing product (related to the challenge)

3) Drop your work into the submit folder.
Deadline: 19th July 2010

Note: This file is a working document. You should be continuing working on the document even after submission.

Monday, July 12, 2010

T3WK3- Ergonomics II

Answer the following questions.
1. What is Ergonomics?
2. What are the 5 aspects of Ergonomics?
3. For each aspects of Ergonomics, explain with an example of a product that is designed for the elderly, how the product meet that particular aspect of Ergonomics.

How to submit:
1. Submit your answers in your Personal ADMT blog.
2. Name your post: Ergonomics II
3. Copy and paste the url in the comment below.

14th July 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

T3WK3 - Ergonomics I

The above shows 2 different setup of a workplace.
1. Compare the 2 different workplaces, state your observations.
2. Which workplace is preferred? State with reasons why one workplace is preferred over the other.
3. What are the considerations that should be taken into account when designing a workplace that is suitable for the user?
4. Why do you think that Ergonomics is important when designing?

How to submit:
1. Submit your answers in your Personal ADMT blog.
2. Name your post: Ergonomics I
3. Copy and paste the url in the comment below.