Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reminder: Weekly Submission of ADMT - The Elderly Challenge

Based on what have been discussed today during lesson, please add in additional guiding questions and answer them if possible. Make sure that you have done product research as well.

How to submit:
1) Rename your file: Index no_Guiding Questions_Name

2) What should be in the document?
i) The Big Idea
ii) The Essential Question
iii) Mindmap 1 - Brainstorm on the problem faced
iv) The Challenge
v) Mindmap 2 - 5W1H
vi) Guiding Questions
vii) Product research of existing product (related to the challenge)

3) Drop your work into the submit folder.
Deadline: 19th July 2010

Note: This file is a working document. You should be continuing working on the document even after submission.

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