Monday, January 11, 2010


 If human beings continue their selfish acts by using up natural resources like fossil fuels and coal to generate electricity which releases a lot of toxic gases into the air ; cut down trees to make paper and also build homes and roads through the forest, it will  cause deforestation which will contribute to global warming. Carbon dioxide is been released during these processes . Carbon dioxide will trap heat from the Sun and make the Earth warm which increases the temperature of our surroundings causing ice caps and huge glaciers to be melted , increasing the sea-level which may cover some small Islands.   Fishes in the sea may die due to the sudden rise in temperature as time goes by. Crops may wither and our main food source is gone! So, I can assure that if we human beings continue our selfish acts , we will bring about the Mother Earth's doom.

We can save the Earth by reducing Global warming and conserving electricity. We can reduce global warming by using CFC-free sprays planting trees rather than cutting them using electricity produced from solar panels , reduce use of fuels by taking public transport instead of driving your own car or else we can carpool , use products with less packaging and mainly bring your own shopping bags instead of using plastic bags !

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